Aerial View of Abiquor
Aerial View of Abiquor

I’ve just posted a VERY low-resolution animated fly-through of the Abiquor model to YouTube, to share with everyone…

It’s very fuzzy and atmospheric (which is probably perfect!), yet I think gives a nice big-picture tour of what I’ve been shown of Abiquor, and been able to convey into the model, since last summer.

I’m also adding some more detailed stills from the model at the end of this post. I’ve toyed with the idea of whether to “label” the various “buildings” as I understand them… And I decided that people may “see more” if I don’t say what I think the images represent.

Several folks and I have seen additional bits of Abiquor (and/or other Cities of Light) since I’ve had time to work more in the model, and I think this is wonderful! One thing I’ve always sensed about Abiquor is that it is both “real” and fluid, both already manifest AND yet emerging…

Over the past month, I’ve been seeing more and more examples of how when we work together, we see more than when we work alone.

So I hope this video will spark some inspiration for you!

Please feel free to comment and/or share any insights or experiences you’ve had that you feel relate to Abiquor, and let’s watch together as the pieces converge.

With lots of love,


16-reliquarium-Abiquor_20130304 17-waterlabyrinth-Abiquor_2013030414-underwater03-Abiquor_20130304 13-underwater02-Abiquor_20130304 12-underwater01-Abiquor_20130304 11-intonees-Abiquor_20130304 10-abovenees-Abiquor_20130304 09-includingnees-Abiquor_20130304 08-resonancecenter-Abiquor_20130304 07-crystallariumconf-Abiquor_20130304 06-crystallariumgarden-Abiquor_20130304 05-landingplatform-Abiquor_20130304 04-landingplatformandmore-Abiquor_20130304 03-Abiquor_20130304 02-Abiquor_20130304 01-Abiquor_20130304 

1 thought on “VISIT ABIQUOR

  1. Tauno

    Crystal Meditation – 24 May 2013
    DNA Light activation codes
    I connected the beat of my physical Heart with the beat of the Shaman drum
    I saw a giant Craw on my left and this is a Crow Man connected with me, at the center I see a Native American standing in the Light and with a Halo, his hair is short and his body thin and tall, then I saw a Shaman doing a ritual, the Shaman was wearing grey fur on his body and his hair was grey too
    I see the Bear of Light giving a Protection as it was my wish, the bear keeps us Protected
    I see all of my sisters and me holding hands in a circle, we are forming a Sphere of Light together
    I see Portal opening, the light is spiraling and I could see steps upwards, I start going up, I am taken higher and higher, I sense this with my physical body like flying
    I Sense Ascension
    I am between the Earth and Cosmos and there is a Line of Golden Light and I am in this Line, my body horizontally situated above the surface as I beam out Light across the Planet, I sense a Portal that is open above us and we and Mother Earth is moving higher together
    I raise my hands to channel this energy into the Heart of Gaia and I sense strong Light connecting with me, I turn into channel and I see a city of crystalline Light structure appearing over the ocean
    Love and Light


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