Leslee's Dream of Abiquor
Leslee’s Dream of Abiquor

I first heard of Abiquor in May of 2012, shortly after I met Mark Kimmel. A few weeks (or days?) before that, I had seen this beautiful place in my astral travel dreaming…

2 thoughts on “LESLEE’S PAGE

  1. Ron Radhoff

    Leslee, I just received your invitation to become an editor for the Abiquor Center of Light. I am honored for this invitation, however I have so much on my plate right now it would not be fair to Abiquor or my present commitments to accept this position. thanks so much for the offer. Ron Radhoff

    1. lesleehare Post author

      Hi, Ron, thank you for sharing this, and I hope you’re well! I understand that you’re very busy, so please let me know if you decide you’d like to accept, and if need be, I can re-send the invitation. “Editor” simply means that you are able to create a page, in addition to posting – it doesn’t require any participation on your part, it just allows you more options if you would like to share something. Sending you lots of love and hoping that all the things you have going on turn out well for you! Leslee


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