10 thoughts on “June 2013

  1. Tauno Post author

    Crystal Connection – 3 June 2013

    I saw a triangular Portal opened of green Light, into the Earth, it is connected with the Portal in Spain
    I saw then a giant green Snake into the Portal, it was coming to me, then I saw the green fields of the earth from above, I was flying, I saw the SUN but the Sun was not moving as it is considered “normal “here/from East to West and upward, above our heads/, the Sun moved horizontally around the green land at the level of our waist and counterclock
    I was in a Portal again and was a dark Blue eagle, a giant bird and I was flying into the Light
    I saw a head of humanlike matter, but this was actually a balloon, a balloon filled with something liquid and shivering at every movement, this liquid inside was negative I felt, the head was taken off and it had to be transported to somewhere else and we were careful not to splash this liquid …we – all of us the Star of 6 rays and our Star Family, I felt the Presence of the craft though I could not see it
    I saw all of us connected and holding hands in a circle, there formed a ray of pink Light into our circle and the Portal became larger as it went above , so hight above there formed a funnel, the same image – the red/pink flower that OLA showed me recently and I sent you a picture of it, the red rose with the crystalline White stem
    Love and Light

  2. Tauno Post author

    Lisa – 3 June 2013
    I see a crow flying up. I see Abiquor surrounded by angels. I see a green/blue landscape, white doves in a circle, fly up uncovering a ball of white butterflies, love is all around me, us. I see Tauno reaching for my hand, I take it, I see Frila, Petra, Leslee, Troy and Elvi. We are opening up like blossoms, I see the blossom tree. The white/pink flowers, they become pink butterflies, becoming LOVE. They fly all over the world, spreading LOVE. Light is radiating from my heart, I see my dragon, I am sitting on his back, he is so beautiful. We fly over magical landscapes, I feel free, and I feel the warmth of the summer breeze through my hair. It is night and I am still on the back of my dragon, flying. Down below I see Chinese lanterns, flying low over the ocean. I see the moon and the light shines onto the water. I am flying until the end of the earth, and then water is falling down into the emptiness of space. I fly in space between the stars. I feel like a star. The dragon is gone, I am a star and I am glowing, stronger and stronger, I become lighter and whiter and I find myself in my comfort environment, fluffy orange/pinkie clouds, a little fountain waterfall, I feel save here. I see AA Michael; he gives me a pink purple rose. He plants it into my heart, he smiles, put up his blue sword and touches my head and heart; I feel light streaming downwards through my whole body, I see a pink/orange river streaming by. I see white lotus flowers floating by, fire, purple, blue, red….it fades, and I am back again

  3. Tauno Post author

    Frila – 3 June 2013

    Thank you , my dearest sisters…reading your lovely flight logs, I cannot but cry….I cannot tell it’s due to which kind of emotion. I want to thank you for bringing me fly…

    Today, I started a little bit earlier than before. I first saw a very bright silver-blue cross light (as four beams) emanated from the peak of the pyramid.

    I saw a silver/white saucer passed cross our head. He/She seemed slowed down specifically for us.

    Then, the deer goddess that I’ve longed for to see seemed to have heard me, came to pick me up, giving me a big surprise. Like how she was represented by Scythian people, her (yes, it’ “her”) antler was extended to her back.

    deer goddess

    I somehow saw this image, also coming from Scythian.

    Scythian Griffin holding a stag head in its beak Scythian Griffin holding a stag head in its beak. From Pazyryk, Russian Altai mountains, 4th century B.C. Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum.

    Then, again, a giant white bird flied to me…I asked her to carry me…again, she allowed and led me into the forest.

    I saw a mermaid in a green tone, just like my gravatar. She had red hair and green tail. I followed her in the water for a while.

    Like you, I saw that portal of light in apple green tone.

    Once, the pattern that Suzanne drew according to Saint Germain’s instruction was shown.

    As you, I also saw the white and then pink blossoms.

    I saw a lady, dressed like a Sister all in white in Lisa’s position where there appeared a violet and then white angle or elve.

    An amazon lady of Steppes riding a horse, dressed in fur appeared to me. She looked so firm, serene and calm.

    Again, the numbers were shown to me and appeared not only one time : 66600, 66678

    In the end, just at the moment when I decided to finish this meditation, I saw a white reptilian with smooth skin getting out of a brook seems not malevolent.

    It occurred to me that two days ago, I saw the statue of Liberty at the beginning, as well as the dome building of Abi-Quor during the course. Besides, the ET words that I saw seemed similar to Runes ; here seemed more than one time a black saucer emanating the light from his/her a square of his/her bottom to us.

    Got Lisa’s latest message about the lady in blue skin…yes, thank you for confirming this with me. Without you, I’m totally unable to know who she is. Besides, the White Buddha I saw resemble a lot what you drew. You all don’t know how much you enrich, warm and enlighten my life. Particularly, it’s you who raised me up to fly.

    Big Hugs to you

  4. Tauno Post author

    In fact I saw this Angel and then I found the picture in Internet
    What an amazing connection we are making , Frila, we even do not realize this at times, thanks to the sharing we are doing we know where we are standing on our way
    Love You, Frila

  5. Tauno Post author

    Crystal Meditation – 4 June 2013

    White Light hands reached out and gave me a present, they appeared from my right – I consider this direction as my Spiritual Reality while left is considered as the illusions of Being/Creation, distortions that are also Sacred as the Reality because All is ONE

    I was in the green land again and felt it as Abi-Quor, then the Light became blue and I was taken into Space and I connected with the Blue woman, I received that these Beings of Light/Blue People/ connected with us through one of my dreams I had before, it was at the time when Les was in hospital and I saw on the first floor of the building many blue plastic like dancers, they were our guests and were about to give a performance in this hall, there were many children there too, ballerinas- little girls too/, the Blue woman conveyed to me that She comes from the same planet as these Blue dancers in my dream
    Then I saw a Powerful Golden Light, a Sphere, there came a ray out of this Sphere and I saw AA Michael`s sword as this ray, the sword came closer and closer and touched my Heart , I absorbed the Light and expressed Gratitude and Love, then AA Michael came as a mighty Angel of Powerful Light, He is enormous and I felt so strong energies around me
    Then I was in Abi-Quor again on a highway along the rocks , I was moving at a fast speed on the highway and it has many turns , like the movement of a snake in the sand, I was going faster and faster
    I saw a Giant Sphere like cluster of star shaped violet tiny blossoms and a ray of White Light was going from it upwards, this ray was our light combined because we are one of these tiny violet blossoms when we make our circle – Star
    till I reached the Elven , a Portal opened in a forest, I saw rose flowers, many rose flowers like a carpet under a tree, the Tree of Life, the tree awoke and looked at me and opened its Portal to other worlds, I entered the Portal, saw two or three tall elves and went on further, I saw some dark entities, claws, teeth and I moved on, just moved and I left the darkies behind

    Love and Light

  6. Frila2012

    Crystal – Meditation 4rd of June 2013


    Thank you, my dearest sisters…

    I had a tough meditation today. That neighbor played again the heavy metal music just by the time we started the meditation. I asked Archangle Michael’s help, and it once stopped. So in the beginning, I saw a vortex in our center, transporting the divine energy to Mother Gaia. Then a silver-blue flame was ignited behind each one of us.

    However, several minutes later, that music restarted and became even more violent. I kept connecting Archangel Michael and felt his shield, whereas that kind of music just became louder and louder. I hence went to pick my mp3 player and wore the ear phones, and then listened to Kenyon’s voice record.

    With Archangel’s help, I envisioned that there were a cloak covering us, and protecting us for that you could still complete the mission. At this moment, I felt Buddha was coming and sited behind me, pouring the energy from my back. I once saw two light cones in front of me, seemed in the center of our star, and some blue diamonds (symbol of Isis, as the patter that Suzanne drew according to Saint Germain’s instruction) floating and rotating above the middle between Leslee and Lisa. I alsoI seemed once to look down at a green-blue peacock flying 🙂 After that, I was unable to get involved in joining you sufficiently.

    The music might stop about 10:15 at Tauno’s time zone. I then saw energetic cubes above us crumbled. I hence knew we achieved or goal. There were still some other visions coming after that, however, I cannot recall them any more.

    I’ve always loved your sharing…that never failed to heal me.

    love you so

  7. Tauno Post author

    Lisa – 6 June 2013
    I see a golden star rising, then a rising sun, rising kundalini, I feel the snake going upwards from my belly into my spine, goes twice around my heart,then it settels.
    I see big clear crystals, big universal crystals with different colors. I connect my crystal with a purple/pink crystal , my crystal lightning is swirling around the
    universal crystal and enters,we are bounded. I enter through a light arch portal and I am in a forest, it feels peaceful, the sunlight is shining on the thick bushy
    leaves. I walk along the path and see the blue clear sky above me. It opens to a clearing and I see over a beautiful green vally with below abiquor shining like a jewel.
    I see this crystal buildings, but also that funny shape green building that I saw a few nights ago.I teleport myself onto the square. It is a beautiful square. I go inside a building and
    it looks like a mall with little crystal domes, and pathways made of crystal. I see also the fountains that I saw in my dream with the little in controle crystal clear water vortexen , swirling
    around the fountains. It is amazing to see. I see pinchu sitting at a table, drinking looking like a red drink, maybe tea, blossom tea? I approch and sit next to her.
    I hear a voice behind me, it is Tauno she is joining us. We having the time of our lives. Soon others come to and we have a little party, a celebration of succesful
    opening the portals. We combine and we becoming ONE white light, a flash and I am back from my meditation

    Love Lisa


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