Crystal Connections

Dear Friends

We have been working for about a year on common meditations – me, Lisa, Leslee, Elvi, Petra, Frila and Troy , Frila , Petra and Troy came recently and connected Powerfully with us

We are working on various missions of Light serving mostly as Gate Keepers for the Portals that opened to channel the Light that is coming from Space into the Earth

Abi-Quor appeared in my dreams and meditations as a beautiful land of green mountains and Lisa got a lot of visions connected with the cities of Light

I made this page with the intent to share our common meditations connected with Abi-Quor, we meditate each evening and post all of our visions in Spirit Train Chronicles and Lisa posts them also in her blog and adds pictures there

My desire is through sharing and working on energy level to manifest this place on Earth as soon as possible with all its beauty and Healing vibrations of higher level

Love and Light


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