Welcome to Abiquor City of Light!

We’ve created this site as a place where people may share their visions and experiences of Abiquor.

There’s a little town called Pagosa Springs, Colorado, in the south-western corner of this state in the Southwest of the United States. For two decades, people have felt drawn to this town and area, sensing strongly that it is a location for a City of Light, a glistening part of New Earth and our 5th Dimensional experience.

We first heard the name Abiquor from the Celestial Being Adrial, through Mark Kimmel. Other folks have seen similar visions of this place with other names, and regardless of the various names, we tend to find similar qualities resonating.

Many have come here to contribute their energies to this City of Light, and some of them have other websites, which you can find in the Links feature on this site.

The community here have decided to create this site and share their views, experiences and visions of this phenomena. We understand that people throughout the world are finding themselves attracted to Abiquor.

For the most part, what we know about Abiquor is what it feels like. We’re continually asking ourselves and one another:

“What does it look like?”

“Is it really in Pagosa Springs?”

“Does it include other nearby areas, like Chimney Rock, Abiquiú, Echo Amphitheater, Santa Fe, Sedona, Taos…?”

“Is it physical?”

“How can we begin to see it, to experience it?”

We wish we had all the answers! We continue to search, and raise our own vibrations, and request for Abiquor (along with all the other Cities of Light) to appear to us.

In the meantime, some of us feel we’re seeing and learning that part of the nature of Abiquor is that Community creates it. So this site is another piece of the puzzle and the manifestation.

Thank you for joining us!

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